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Password Management for
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Devolutions Password Hub is a highly secure, flexible and easy-to-use cloud-based password management solution for team environments.

  • Safely Store and Access Passwords Anywhere
  • Easy One-Click Web Login
  • Securely Share Passwords with Your Team
  • Generate Strong & Compliant Passwords
  • Ideal for Business Users
  • Controlled by IT Pros

Vault and Manage Business-User Passwords

In order to reduce the growing risks posed by insider threats and data breaches – and also to meet increasingly stringent audit and compliance requirements – organizations need to control and monitor sensitive information and privileged access. Yet at the same time, organizations need to strike a balance between keeping critical assets secure and enabling users to be productive and efficient.

Devolutions Password Hub delivers the best of both worlds: robust enterprise-grade password management security, with an intuitive and optimized user experience.

What is Devolutions Password Hub?

Controlled by IT pros and loved by business users, Devolutions Password Hub is a secure and cloud-based password manager for teams. It empowers your organization to easily and securely vault and manage business-user passwords, along with other sensitive information, through a user-friendly web interface that can be quickly, easily and securely accessed via any browser. Simply put, Devolutions Password Hub is the perfect balance of security and usability.

Features and Highlights


Devolutions Password Hub is a robust enterprise-grade password management solution that is highly secured with the latest AES 256-bit encryption standards and data security best practices.


Secure and easily managed by IT professionals, Devolutions Password Hub is meant to be used by business users daily.


Role-Based Access Control Role-Based Access Control

Secure access to critical passwords by sharing data on a need-to-know basis via a comprehensive role-based access control system.

Enhanced Security Enhanced Security

Strengthen overall network security by generating strong and unique passwords and providing all users with access to a private and encrypted password vault.

Password Storage & Management Password Storage & Management

Store and manage all business user passwords in secured and centralized vaults.

Comprehensive Reports for Admins Comprehensive Reports for Admins

Quickly access comprehensive reports for compliance, governance and auditing purposes, including activity logs, usage reports, and administration logs.


Anytime, Anywhere Access Anytime, Anywhere Access

The cloud-based solution is always connected, synchronized and shared in real time with each user, so they can access the passwords they need anytime, anywhere.

Auto-Login & Auto-Fill Auto-Login & Auto-Fill

Automatically log into websites directly from a web app without needing to know or share passwords.

Easy to Use for Business Users Easy to Use for Business Users

Provide business users with easy-to-use tools such as a password generator, and enable them to easily switch between vaults and navigate through categories for maximum efficiency.

Launch Remote Connections Launch Remote Connections

Automatically launch remote connections to servers, websites and applications via Devolutions Launcher.

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