What is the Command-Line Interface Tool?

With the Password Hub CLI, users can create scripts to run automated tasks and perform simple commands to retrieve, update, and create entries in their vault, without having to open the web interface.

Currently Supports Commands Like:
  • Get-Vaults (List all the vaults in your Password Hub)
  • Get-Entries (Return every entry in a vault)
  • Add-Entry (Create an entry in your vault along with specific parameters)
  • Delete-Entry (Remove an entry from the vault)
  • Update-Entry (Change the contents of a parameter in an entry)
  • Get-Entry (Retrieve a specific entry to be passed or used)
  • Login/Logout (Log a specific user in or out of the vault)
  • more commands are coming soon...

For a complete list of commands and their parameters, type -Command Help in the application.

Download for Windows